Q&A with our Chairman

Q&A with our Chairman

The Jendamark brand is known as a tech leader in the global automation industry but not much is known about its human face – especially the drivers behind this tech-savvy organisation. This is the first instalment of an interview series with the Jendamark directors. Jendamark India’s head of marketing, Sayali Mahajan, chats to JMKI chairman and South African operations director Siegfried Lokotsch about his journey so far and the future of the brand.

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One-stop shop for catalytic converter assembly

One-stop shop for catalytic converter assembly

Known for our world-class adaptive canning lines capable of handling multiple variants, Jendamark India is constantly finding new ways to make catalytic converter assembly even more efficient.

NOW we are proud to bring you our NEW full-service offering that includes:

  • After-treatment assembly lines for components such as diesel oxidation catalysts (DOC), diesel particulate filters (DPF) and selective catalytic reduction (SCR)
  • FULL assembly systems for putting these components together as a single unit
  • PLUS digital support services such as:
    • ODIN Workstation (operator guidance system)
    • ODIN Maintenance
    • ODIN Documentation (all customer manuals and documents)

We offer a ONE-STOP SHOP with flexible, complex engineering solutions:

  • trolley-based options for low-volume customers and conveyorised systems for higher volumes
  • stringent quality controls in the form of leak testing and gauging machines etc.
  • full process security
  • product and part traceability

We are proud to assist our automotive customers in meeting the Bharat Stage VI vehicle emission standards – and clear the air for a healthier, happier atmosphere in cities across India!







New product: Suspended backlash measurement machine

New product: Suspended backlash measurement machine

Jendamark India has designed and developed a new suspended backlash measuring machine for our axle assembly customers using trolley-based systems instead of conveyor lines.

Measuring the amount of backlash is important to reduce power transmission losses in the gear train. More backlash means more power lost, while reduced backlash indicates that the distance between the meshing gears is reduced, which could lead to gear jams and increased mechanical wear and tear.

While backlash measurement machines are generally mounted on a fixed base machine, our new innovation – suspending it from our JTM hanging tool – allows us to perform this technically challenging activity without removing the axle from the continuously moving trolley.

Suspended systems are usually reserved for tightening or pick and place processes but this novel solution allows Jendamark to save both time and costs, while meeting the customer’s specific requirements.

The backlash measurement process is completely automated, with no human interference once the part is clamped.

The precise encoder has an accuracy of 0.001 degrees, and measurement happens at three points 120 degrees apart, which gives the final accurate output. Specially designed holders and adaptors compensate for external variables such as a slightly uneven floor or worn trolley wheels.

The suspended backlash machine with a built-in change-over concept is capable of handling seven different variants.


Building the future

Building the future

Determined to create a more conducive environment for learning, Jendamark India recently partnered with the new Zilla Parishade (District Council) School in Velu to fund the building of a classroom.

This newly built, government-run school serves 300 pupils, whose families hail from a mainly rural, agricultural community.

Jendamark India’s Pranjali Valavade says before its establishment, there were no district schools in the area.

“Education is essential for development and we really wanted to give something back to the community in which we are operating our business,” says Valavade, adding that one of these children could be the next tech leader.

“It is very important to have clean and spacious infrastructure for learning. We are so proud that we were able to give some small help in building a bright future for these children.”