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Jendamark India is proud to be associated with global tech brand Jendamark Automation, which has its international headquarters in South Africa, with offices in Germany and the USA.

This global presence allows Jendamark to serve automotive customers worldwide and offer round-the-clock service support.

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Jendamark India

Pune-based Jendamark India serves Jendamark customers in Asia with its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. Jendamark India supplies the booming Indian automotive sector and also specialises in tooling for the aerospace industry. Working closely with South Africa, the Indian entity delivers the same high-quality, cost-effective automation solutions customers have come to expect from the Jendamark brand.

Jendamark South Africa

The automation solutions provider has its global head office in the coastal city of Gqeberha, with satellite offices in Pretoria and East London. Over the past two decades, Jendamark has been growing its internationally respected brand by delivering world-class turnkey production solutions. We pride ourselves on being the best in our core manufacturing focus areas of powertrain and catalytic converter assembly systems.

Jendamark Germany

The Jendamark GmbH & Co. KG office in Penzing facilitates productive relationships with Jendamark’s European customers. A strong R&D focus allows the German office to work on long-term, future-oriented projects, while leaving the manufacturing to the cost-effective South African and Indian entities. Working closely with customers, the aim is to anticipate their needs down the line and design machines to fit this future.

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