Jendamark’s manufacturing technologies have been independently recognised for a second consecutive year by the prestigious Africa Tech Week Awards in Cape Town.

At the ceremony in May, Jendamark won the Technology Innovation of the Year category for our ODIN Manufacturing software, making it two in a row after being named Technology Company of the Year for 2022.

Innovations director Yanesh Naidoo says the award, judged by an independent panel, serves as a confirmation that the manufacturing technology developed by Jendamark is meeting a real need for small to medium enterprises.

“For us, it’s not about developing technology for technology’s sake, but about understanding the customer’s challenges, and creating digital solutions to solve those challenges.
“Last year, the award was about our company; this time it’s for our products. So, it’s a massive win for us,” says Naidoo.

For developing countries such as South Africa and India to prosper, he says, there is a need to focus on building a strong manufacturing-based economy.

“That’s why we developed ODIN Manufacturing – to help digitise and improve production efficiencies, and create opportunities for the massive human capital that we have.

“Our solutions take a human-centric approach to Industry 4.0, meaning they don’t take people off production lines but rather use tech to support people to do their jobs more accurately and efficiently.”
Jendamark’s ODIN Education division, which creates the tech infrastructure to bridge the digital divide in underprivileged schools, was also named a finalist in the ed-tech category.

“Although they may seem unconnected, we created ODIN Education to help transform the education sector, so that the next generation can be equipped and ready to take on this manufacturing challenge amid the rapidly accelerating pace of Industry 4.0 technologies,” says Naidoo.